Organic Natural Gourmet Food

Why Organic

Why Buy Organic?

Organic foods can not be produced with the majority of standard pesticides; petroleum-based fertilizers or sewage sludge-based fertilizers; antibiotics, growth hormonal agents, genetic engineering or irradiation (USDA).

  1. You protect your health as well as your family's. Organic produce is not grown and covered in a cocktail of toxic pesticides that may cause cancer and destructive reproductive results. In standard farming, 23 of the 28 most commonly used pesticides arecarcinogenic. Pesticide residues in food cause 20,000 cancer deaths and thousands more new cancers annually, according to the National Academy of Sciences. cancer-causing substance. 
  2. You prevent soil disintegration Current conventional farming practices of chemical-intensive, mono-crop farming has actually developed the worst topsoil erosion in history. The Soil Preservation Service approximates more than 3 billion tons of topsoil are worn down from U.S. croplands each year. Purchasing natural supports farming practices that inherently build long-term soil health and stability. 
  3. You safeguard water quality The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that pesticides pollute the groundwater in 38 states, contaminating the main source of drinking water for more than half the country's population. Plain and basic, conventional farming is considered the largest non-point source of water pollution in the U.S. 
  4. You protect natural habitat Organic farms support and support our gorgeous and diverse wildlife. Intensive conventional farming with its resulting dramatic disintegration of the soil, water contamination and damage of natural habitat has caused a fall of as much as 70 % of wild birds in some areas, and the near extinction of a few of the most stunning species of butterflies, frogs, grass-snakes and wild mammals. 
  5. You support little farmers Typically, organic farms are little, independently owned family farms of less than 100 acres. It's estimated that the United States has lost more than 650,000 family farms in the past decade. Organic farming could be among the few survival methods left for family farms. 
  6. You support farm workers health Intensive non-organic farming can seriously harm farm workers' health. There are much greater instances of respiratory problems, cancer, and other significant illness, especially in developing countries, and for agrochemical farm workers growing cotton. So go organic today if you care about other individuals. 
  7. You support a real economy Although natural items might appear more expensive than conventional items, standard item costs don't reflect the concealed expenses paid by taxpayers. We send out billions of dollars in federal farming subsidies and just as much cleaning up the mess that agro-chemicals make to our natural supply of water. For instance, if you add in the ecological and social expenses of irrigation to a on-organic head of lettuce, its cost would vary in between $2 and $3. Go natural for an authentic more economical future. 
  8. Your food simply tastes a lot better Since organic foods are not treated with fungicides, they need to be sent to market as near gather as possible. Fresh organic produce contains on average 50 % more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micro-nutrients than non-organic farmed fruit and vegetables. There's an excellent reason why lots of chefs utilize organic foods in their dishes-- they taste better!. 
  9. You avoid genetically customized food Going organic is the only useful method to avoid eating genetically modified (GM) food. And by purchasing organic food, you are registering your skepticism of GMO's and doing your bit to protest against them. 
  10. You secure your body from the outside What you put on the exterior is just as vital. Your skin is the greatest organ in your body. It is your live, breathing "product packaging", efficient in absorbing into your body exactly what you use on it. Why then would you pollute your body from the outdoors by using products made from non-organic ingredients? Go ENTIRELY natural today!