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Sayan Mushroom Coffee Blend 20 Packets (0.09oz/2.5g each) 100% Organic Arabica Colombian | Organic Reishi & Siberian Chaga Extract | Powerful Immune Support Antioxidant Drink | Concentration & Focus

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Just Natural Finest Quality Components
Our adaptogens coffee consists of only the greatest quality components discovered in Siberia & Asia. Making use of an exclusive extraction approach, the natural reishi and chaga extracts include an optimal degree of nutrients, so you know you are getting the true effectiveness of both mushrooms in every sip. Our Siberian chaga extract is produced using a hot-water extraction approach, which likewise maintains the immune and defense increasing nutrients of the fungus. With such a nutritious method to get up every early morning, you'll be focused, energetic, and feeling good all day long.Sayan Coffee Ensures Each Sip Will Tantalize Your Palate With our instantaneous coffee blend, you do not have to compromise great taste for great health. While mushroom blends can be rather bitter, our item is smooth and tastes just like regular coffee. Mix your preferred creamer, milk, sugar, or honey in for an additional smooth taste.All Our Sayan Products Are: Gluten-free Sugar totally free Organic Vegan Completely all

natural Portions:
Each purchase features 20 packets for 20 servings of
tasty chaga coffee Pureand Simple
While other companies may mix extra herbs into their mushroom coffee

products, our blend consists of only coffee and the featured mushrooms, making it a truly unique item. You won't discover anything else like this on the marketplace. Each cup you consume is created with your enjoyment and health in mind. You'll never wish to go back to drinking normal coffee after attempting Sayan Chaga Coffee.Additional advantages Some individuals might experience stomach burns because coffee is acidic beverage. Thanks to alkaline forming Siberian chaga extract produced from wild collected mushroom
we solved this issue. Our unique coffee blend provides the world's widely used antioxidant beverage and 2 world's finest medicinal mushrooms. Such a special combination improves your performance, focus & wellness

Product Features

TWO MUSHROOMS, ONE DELICIOUS DRINK: The Sayan mushroom coffee blend is made with reishi and chaga mushroom extract, an ideal combination that is ripe with unique and powerful properties with every sip. This antioxidant superfood combo has multiple wellness properties, including digestive system support and maintaining healthy liver functionality. Wild harvested Chaga and reishi mushroom coffee also are immune system boosters that pack a one-two punch. Vegan, vegetarian friendly and gluten free. NATURAL ENERGY WITHOUT THE JITTERS OR CRASH: Consumption of regular coffee works great short-term but can cause jitters and then a crash later, leaving you feeling lethargic and in need of more energy. With this instant mushroom coffee, you can get the boost of natural energy you're looking for and sustain it all day long, worrying less about the side effects that regular coffee can have. This ground mushroom coffee blend tastes just like coffee with more benefits and less side effects. HEALTHY & ORGANIC: This healthy reishi and chaga coffee powder drink is one you can feel good about. Whereas regular coffee is full of chemicals, the Sayan organic detox coffee is a much healthier alternative. Rich with chaga and reishi nutrients that contain numerous vitamins and minerals, this blend by Sayan is a feel-good, tasty way to start your day, ensuring overall well-being, strength, and natural energy that lasts. RICH, VIBRANT & DELICIOUS TASTE: Don't sacrifice taste for health. With our reishi and chaga coffee with minerals and vitamins, you don't need to choose between a drink that tastes great and makes you feel great. The rich notes in our coffee make the taste buds come alive and it works great for both energy and concentration. Tasting just like regular coffee, you can add milk, cream, or even sugar to perfect your ideal cup. Great health never tasted so good! GET INSTANT ENERGY WITH INSTANT COFFEE: This proprietary blend of powerful antioxidants and 100% organic Arabica Colombian coffee is the perfect thing to wake up every morning or provide an instant pick-me-up when you get that mid-afternoon sleepiness. The coffee part of this blend with provide that "bang" you need to get going while the mushrooms reishi & chaga combo will help sustain that feeling throughout your day. These instant, single-serve coffee envelopes make for quick brewing on the go